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We are here to help you bring some happiness into someone's life.  We have unique gift ideas that we will ship or deliver to a friend, coworker, loved one or other.  Our gift ideas are handmade and include a unique set of "instructions" for each gift.  Our goal is to make each Just Because feel special and unique at a reasonable price; to give something small yet meaningful to brighten someone's day!  We make our gifts with ourselves in mind and are proud to have them in our homes and in our lives.

Maybe your Just Because is stressed and needs something to make them laugh.  Maybe you want to send them something other than flowers to tell them you are thinking of them.  We want your happiness and theirs to be as random as possible.  Once you have chosen your gift idea, we will deliver or ship your Just Because gift within the next week to help ensure the surprise. When they open their gift, they will know you are thinking about them "Just Because"!  

Of course, the traditional gift delivery for a specific date is also possible.  We deliver to the Greater New Orleans area ourselves however we will ship to any where in the US via USPS.  We will provide you with tracking information for both hand delivery or a shipped gift.  Let us send some love for you today!

Serenity Now Kit Teacher's Pet
Serenity Now KitTeacher's Pet

Does your Just Because need a moment?  Send this gift to help them refocus their energy and block out the world for a minute or two.

Want to say Thank You to a great teacher you know?? This is a little twist on the traditional teacher's pet gift!

Saints Serenity Kit Box of Sunshine
Saints Serenity KitBox of Sunshine

Is your Just Because part of the WHO DAT Nation? Is the off season killing them?  This gift will help them through both the game and the off season.  

Brighten their day with a little sunshine as this gift is sure to bring happiness Just Because.  We include as many yellow themed items as the box will handle. Diet or Child Friendly options available.

You're a Life Saver Dangle Angels
You're a Life SaverDangle Angels

Has your Just Because stepped up and helped you out of a bind recently?? Send this gift to say Thank You!

Let this angel be your messenger of hope, love, comfort, or Just Because.

Cupcake for the Sole Smug Mug
Cupcake for the SoleSmug Mug

This gift will warm both their heart and soles.

Have an inside joke with your Just Because?  Take this opportunity to customize your gift to allow them to laugh each time they use your gift.

Handed Lemons? Lemonade Kit S.H.I.T. Kit
Handed Lemons? Lemonade KitS.H.I.T. Kit

When life hands you lemons make lemonade.  This gift gives your Just Because everything to make an instant batch of lemonade. 

Does your Just Because need a little Sugar, Honey, Ice, and Tea to help forget the daily dose of S.H.I.T. they've been shoveling? This unique gift includes all the items they need to help them relax and enjoy some iced tea.

Let's Keep in Touch You Brighten My Day
Let's Keep in TouchYou Brighten My Day

Has it been a while since you talked to your Just Because?  Send them this gift and restart that conversation the Old Fashion way!  

Does your Just Because brighten your day?  Return the favor with this unique bud vase.

What's for Dinner??? Kit Stone Coasters
What's for Dinner??? KitStone Coasters

This question can invoke mental anguish for even the strongest of people. Send one of these packages to your Just Because to eliminate this question for at least one night.

Does your Just Because needs a place to set their drink??  Use these stone coasters to help them think of you.  Just Because... 

Louisiana Snow Ball Fight Kit Freshen Up the Air
Louisiana Snow Ball Fight KitFreshen Up the Air

Snow balls...Louisiana style. Your Just Because can have same fun...Just Because! Enjoy!!

This is a simple homemade air freshener with a mild scent.  Hand Delivery included in price*.

Scented Sachets Bubble Buster
Scented SachetsBubble Buster

Is your Just Because doing some spring cleaning in their closets?  Maybe they want their stored clothing fresh as the day they put it away.  This gift helps keep their clothes in tip top shape.

Has your Just Because had their bubble burst recently??? Maybe they need a little help to de-stress. For the kid at heart, here is a unique way to unwind.

You Warm My Heart
You Warm My Heart

Send your Just Because this to help warm their hands as well as their heart.

Got a Suggestion for Happiness??? Email us to see if we can help you out! jblexoxo@gmail.com